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Alchemy Online

August 6, 2014

For the past two thousand years or more, alchemists have been investigating the spiritual nature of carbon-based life or what could also be described as “the soul’s journey on planet Earth.” Alchemists got good at understanding organic processes – how things gestate, sprout, blossom, fruit and seed; in other words, how living beings transform over time.

Throughout my thirty years of practice as an acupuncturist and alchemical healer, my interest has also focused on the soul – my own and my patients’ as well as the soul of the world – the animals, plants as well as the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Learning to understand and relate to the subtle energies that move and move through living beings has been the goal of my exploration.

That is why when my husband, Benjamin, suggested that we consider building a website and bringing our alchemical work to the internet, my first response was, “No way! Can’t be done!” Alchemy developed in organic, carbon-based reality where myth, magic and spiritual mystery rather than technology reigned supreme. Alchemy takes time. Its laboratory is the body and the natural world. It comes to life in relationship, in inter-active energetic fields of connection. And beyond all that, alchemy has traditionally been a secret teaching that was transmitted through symbols and riddles not well suited to the mini-bites of web communication.

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Five Spirits, the book

The Five Spirits have been capturing the hearts and imaginations of practitioners and patients all over the world since the publication of Lorie’s book in 2006. Five Spirits introduces readers to the little known Taoist “chakra” system and returns the sacred to the domain of healing. Through myth, symbols, dreams, and real-life case examples, the Five Spirits will open you to Chinese medicine as alchemy and offer a view of your body and our planet as vessels of spiritual transformation.

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