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Boundaries: A Heart Centered Approach

Approved for 2 PDA Points in Safety and 2 PDA Points in Ethics with NCCAOM, this online class will offer a unique, dynamic and highly effective heart-centered approach to boundaries. We draw from many perspectives including Taoist alchemy, the Five Elements and Spirits and Western psychology to gain an understanding of the benefits, pitfalls and challenges of the therapeutic relationship. Finally, we offer tools that create and maintain safe, healthy boundaries in the clinical encounter and beyond.


Tri-State College of Acupuncture Grand Rounds

March 20, 2016

Tri-State’s unique Grand Rounds courses offer students the opportunity to observe, listen to, and question senior practitioners as they treat patients in real time. These experienced educators reflect on the art and science of their treatments, sharing their clinical findings and personal approaches to practice. Grand Rounds courses embrace the classical apprenticeship model, offering students an intimate view of patient-practitioner dynamics, while at the same time going beyond the apprenticeship experience, using high-resolution digital video to give students a close-up view of the techniques being demonstrated.


Esalen Institute – Lead to Gold: An Introduction to Alchemical Healing

February 14 - 19, 2016

The origin of the word alchemy comes from the Arabic alkīmiyā, meaning “black soil art.” Rather than looking up in search of transcendence, alchemists dare to go down – to dig deep into the soil of embodied life, to descend into the personal and collective unconscious, to cherish our “leaden” impasses – in the quest for the true gold of a spiritually illuminated life.
We invite you to join us in applying the principles, attitudes, and practices drawn from this ancient art to our modern lives. Our goal is a reclamation of lost and forgotten parts of ourselves in order to re-infuse our souls, reinvigorate our imaginations, and guide us as we discover new possibilities for our personal lives and for the life of our planet…

From the Blog:

The Power of the Pause

December 12, 2015

Last night I dreamt that I was out at sea in a speeding boat. As the boat rushed, I held tight to the string of a red helium balloon that was sailing along behind me. Suddenly, with a gust of wind, I lost my grip and the balloon went flying off into the clouds … The red balloon of my dream cautioned me to slow down. Upon waking, I remembered that we are entering the Season of Water, the time of year when the life force settles down into the roots. It is a time to rest, to gestate and restore. It is time to honor the things we cannot fathom.

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Meet Lorie and Benjamin

Photo of Lorie and Benjamin

Lorie Dechar

Alchemical Acupuncturist and Healer,
Author, Teacher

Benjamin Fox

Founding Director of A New Possibility,
Astrologer, Bodyworker

Welcome! We are committed to transformational healing rooted in the belief that all change begins for humans with the willingness to look within, and that healing within ourselves and in our relationship to others creates change on a global scale.

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Five Spirits, the book

The Five Spirits have been capturing the hearts and imaginations of practitioners and patients all over the world since the publication of Lorie’s book in 2006. Five Spirits introduces readers to the little known Taoist “chakra” system and returns the sacred to the domain of healing. Through myth, symbols, dreams, and real-life case examples, the Five Spirits will open you to Chinese medicine as alchemy and offer a view of your body and our planet as vessels of spiritual transformation.

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